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Nice to meet you.
We’ve introduced fresh frozen Dutch yoghurt
in NL in 2010 (see movie) – and we’ve spread
the love for it ever since. The best news, it’s
100% natural and – 100 kcal. Delivered weekly from a local farm and frozen when you order it.

[opening hours@Facebook]

 Amsterdam, Leidsestraat 69

 Amsterdam, Reguliersbreest 41

 Amsterdam, De Bijenkorf (5th floor)

 Amstelveen, Binnenhof 6B (Stadshart)

 Schiphol, outside plaza (opening spring 2015)

 Den Haag, Bezuidenhoutseweg 55 (Nw Babylon)

 Den Haag, Passage 67 (Nieuwe Passage)

 Zoetermeer, Westwaarts 26 (Stadshart)

 Rotterdam, Erasmus Food Plaza
(L-gebouw Campus Woudestijn)

 Breda, Veemarkstraat 29

 Maastricht, Nieuwstraat 15

 Lisbon, Portugal, Rua Dom Pedro V, 145

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What others say...

Thanks all for the positive feedback we keep receiving daily in our shops / in print / via the net and at our Facebook page. Here you can find some of the links sent to us since we started introducing frozen yoghurt in the Netherlands. For more information feel free to get in touch.


Frozz around

For the love of frozen yoghurt we take Frozz on tour with our container unit or bring joy with our Piaggio at all kinds of (business) events and festivals like:

If you want a Pop up Frozz shop in a box or on wheels in your neighborhood, email us at event@frozz.com


Get in touch

In case you would like to know in detail about frozen yoghurt and our passion for this delicious Dutch dairy treat or how we carefully select the freshest toppings — feel free to contact us at: hello@frozz.com

If you want to join us in the mission to share the joy of frozen yoghurt in your region, contact us at: partner@frozz.com or click here.

Applying for a fun job - you do
at working@frozz.com


Great news

Our favorite combinations are now available in
a cup
, so you can enjoy Frozz in the park, at work or at home. Go get them in the freezer at various supermarkets across The Netherlands, and also at De Bijenkorf and Bilder&DeClercq.